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SA8000 Certification

SA 8000 (Social Accountability 8000) is the first international certification on social responsibility. It aims at  guaranteeing  workers’ rights, in such a way that it’s a mutually beneficial situation for everyone involved: companies, workers, trade unions, government. SA8000 follows the structures ISO9000 and the ISO14000. It focuses on the importance of an on-going improvement process.

SMC Certification Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading SA 8000 compliance and certification consultants in India with clients in India, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Europe, Greece and Maldives.

The standard Requirements SA8000 was launched in 1997 by CEPAA – Council on Economics Priorities Accreditation Agency, an NGO, it was later renamed to SAI – Social Accountability International. Social Accountability 8000 (SA8000) is the first global standard for corporate social responsibility. It aims to provide basic rights of workers involved in the manufacturing and productions. SA 8000 includes following requirements:

  1. Child labour is not permitted
  2. Disciplinary practices are not permitted
  3. Discrimination is not permitted
  4. Forced labour is not permitted
  5. Freedom to organize and collective bargaining have to be guaranteed
  6. Health and safety have to be assured
  7. Remuneration shall be sufficient
  8. Working hours shall not exceed 48 hrs a week, with a maximum of 12 hrs overtime

Who can apply for certification?

  • Companies which can seek for SA 8000 Certification are:
  • Trying to verify their social record independently
  • Trying to verify their own social record and that of their contractors independently
  • Contractors producing  goods for European and US companies and willing to show to the industry and customers that they are treating workers well

How Companies Can Implement SA 8000 Standard?

Two ways to implement SA8000 standard are:

1) Certification to SA8000

2) Involvement in the Corporate Involvement Program (CIP)

Benefits of SA8000

  • A tool to educate workers about core labour rights
  • Another opportunity to work directly with business on labour rights issues
  • Benefits for business
  • Benefits for Consumers and Investors
  • Benefits for Workers, Trade Unions and NGOs
  • Better supply chain management and performance
  • Clear and credible assurance for ethical purchasing decisions
  • Enhanced opportunities to organize trade unions and bargain collectively
  • Enhancing company and brand reputation
  • Improving employee recruitment, retention and performance
  • Public awareness of companies committed to assuring humane working conditions
  • Putting company values into action
  • Identification of products made ethically and companies committed to ethical sourcing
  • Broad coverage of product categories and production geography.