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ISO 9001


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ISO 9001

ISO 9001 Certification standards is known as Quality Management System. It is a generic standard and is applicable for to all organizations, regardless of type, size and product/ services provided. Any organization those aiming at customer satisfaction, continual improvement of their Quality Managements system may choose the ISO 9001 implementation in the organization.

A brief of requirement details of ISO 9001 are given below:

Quality Management system

It include the requirements of- Identification, sequencing and interaction of processes, development of criteria and methods needed to ensure operation and control of these processes, ensuring availability of resources, information for support of monitoring and measurement and control of outsource process, , requirements of documentation, Quality Manual, Control of documents and control of records.

Management Responsibility

It include the requirements of Management commitment, focus on customer satisfaction, Quality policy and objectives, establishing role, responsibility and authority for all personal of the organization & internal communication, Appointment of Management representative and Conduction the Management revive meeting.

Resource Management

It include the requirement of – Human resource, infrastructure and work environment.

Product realization

It include the requirements of – Planning for product realization, customer related processes Design and development, Purchasing, production and service provision, Control of monitoring and measuring equipment.

Measurement, analysis and improvement

It include the requirements of – Customer satisfaction, Internal audit, Monitoring and measurement of processes, Monitoring and measurement of product, Control of non-conforming product, Analysis of data, Continual improvement, Corrective and preventive action.

Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification

  • Improve the performance of QMS processed.
  • Customers satisfaction enhanced.
  • Improve the Overall business performance of the organization .
  • Reduce the customer complains.
  • Enhance the competency of Employee of Organization.
  • Improve the Compliances and awareness about customer requirements, statutory & regulatory requirements of product, within the organization.
  • Better control of organization processes.
  • Marketability of organization improves.

How to get ISO 9001 Certification –

The Applicant organization shall ensure the followings prior to Certification (Quality Management System Certification)

  • Implemented the Quality Management System (ISO 9001) in the organization. Established the Quality Manual, relevant procedures and SOP’s
  • Conducted at least one complete cycle of ISO 9001(QMS) Internal Audit.
  • Conducted at least one Management review meeting on Quality Management System.


ISO 9001 provides some requirements for the buying process (i.e. sourcing a vendor) that include you as the customer. The points addressed are: –

  • Buying requirement information should be provided so that suppliers understand their customers’ needs
  • The ways in which supplied products can be verified as meeting the requirements of the customer

Note that whenever ISO 9001 refers to “products? this also includes intangible products / services like software.

Describing your actual need to your supplier, you have a crucial role in this. It should be in consultation with your Technical or Sourcing Department so that the product delivered is as per the requirement.

To help in this task you may consider the following: –

  • What is the specific product (goods or service) you are buying?
  • What impact does this product have on your own business?
  • What are the risks to your business if you experience problems with this product?
  • How can you be sure that the product you receive will actually meet your requirements?
  • What do you know about the reputation and historical performance of your supplier?
  • What level of confidence do you need in your supplier’s ability to provide you with conforming product on a consistent basis?

QMS Process

Application review and contract Sign up between SMC and applicant organization.

Stage-1 Audit.

Stage-2 Audit.

Certification decision.

Issue of certificate.

Surveillance audit (annually or Half yearly as finalized during application review process and agreed by client).

Re-Certification Audit (within three years before expiry of certificate).